Telink Flasher for Mi Thermostat
Copyright: Aaron Christophel / Atc1441
Video Manual Custom firmware repo

Please select a .bin file you want to flash to a Telink BLE device.

Select Firmware:
Status: waiting for you to connect a device

Temp/Humi: waiting for data, this will not change on devices with custom firmware, only on stock firmware

#enable-experimental-web-platform-features may be needed to read MAC

Device known id:

Mi Token:

Mi Bind Key:

When doing an activation here the device is needed to be activated in the Mi app again when wanted to use there.
Send settings to custom firmware:


Advertising Type:

Sensor display:

Show battery in LCD:

Advertising interval:

Sensor offset:
To set a precise offset use the text input field with FA+offset for Temp and FB+offset for Humiditiy convert an int8 to hex.

Sensor instant Advertising:
To set other values use the text input with FC+temp alarm or FD+humi alarm with uint8_t values. This can be used to get instant advertising if the sensor data changes to fast. Temp divided by 10